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So, our plans for the next week or so are coming together. This, despite the fact that I have seem to have lost all ability to map out logistics. Or maybe it's because we've suddenly decided on a spontaneous trip to Florida that I've been thrown for a loop. Whatever.

Anyway! You all were no help in coming up with good days for dinner plans. So much for relying on the internet for advice. Instead, I will simply declare spontaneous dinner mobs and hope for the best. We will be coming in to Boston late enough Sunday that I doubt we'll be in a very social mood. Monday looks promising. I will tentatively say Bertucci's in Central Square, but I have yet to clear this with the rest of the family. Still, if you're interested in trying to meet up with us for dinner Monday night, let me know.

We have the Museum of Science scheduled for Tuesday afternoon. No other firm plans beyond that.

We will probably leave Saturday evening so that we can be home by Sunday to catch our breaths and fly down to Florida, because WE'RE GOING TO SEE THE SPACE SHUTTLE LAUNCH!!! This is a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Plan, but life isn't any fun without one of those thrown in once in a while, right? The launch is currently scheduled for pre-dawn on April 5, but OMG DID I TELL YOU I'M GOING TO SEE THE SHUTTLE LAUNCH?!?!?!


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