Feb. 27th, 2010 03:53 pm
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When I go long periods of time without posting, it either means I'm too depressed to, or too busy to do so. Unfortunately, it's impossible for any readers to know the difference.

I've been hella busy of late. In the last 24 hours, I finished a grant proposal, performed in a play, and threw a birthday party for Son the Younger. I have a job application due Monday, my mom is staying with us for the weekend, and I have two more performances before the weekend is over.

Also, I need to prepare the talk I'll be giving in Boston on March 8.

Oh by the way, Boston folks, I'm coming to Boston in March. I'll be there March 8-9, and again March 27-April 3. The first visit will be just me. The second visit, the whole family is coming up to renovate my brother's bathroom. But, I'm sure we'll have plenty of time to visit with people, especially those with new babies.

Also, I'm going to Philadelphia on March 10-12, with a Friday all to myself. Any recommendations on what to do with myself? I'm leaning toward finding a nice spa and checking in for the day.

Sometime in April, maybe I'll have time to see my family again.
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It's Spring Break here at Nearby University.

Saturday night I drove up to Pittsburgh.
Last night I drove back.
(Actually, the trip turned out to be really worth it, but that's for another post.)

Today, I submitted a paper. yay me!

Thursday and Friday are my Totally Awesome Workshop. (Actually, it's more like The Meeting That Sounded Like a Good Idea A Month Ago But Now I'm Really Regretting It.)

I still need to work on the program schedule, because I am a doofus.

Next week, I will go hide under a rock and avoid all reponsibilities, I swear. Except that's the week I'm hosting the colloquium speaker. D'oh!


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