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Yesterday, we were having lunch and I mentioned getting a tripod for the Galileoscopes I'd gotten the kids for Hanukamas.

Son the Elder: What's a tripod?

DH (getting all teachable-momenty): Well, do you know what 'pod' means? It means foot. And 'tri' means?

StE: Three.

DH: So what do you think tripod means?

StE: A yard! Because three feet make a yard.

And then we all dissolved helplessly into giggles.


Nov. 22nd, 2009 06:35 pm
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I've started taking tae kwon do with my kids the last few months. Yesterday was the belt test. They let me skip from no belt past white belt, so I tested for gold belt right along with Son the Younger. Even though testing is about much more than just breaking a board, you can't help but see it as a major milestone. StY is not quite big enough yet to break a board yet, but he gave it a good try. Son the Elder was testing for red belt, at a much more advanced level. It's actually quite impressive what he can do at a mere eight years of age. He wasn't quite able to break the board, but it cracked pretty audibly.

They give the grown-ups wider and thicker boards than the kids, but I still gave a nice strong stepping side kick and broke it on my first try. It was much more satisfying than I expected it to be.

DH isn't doing tae kwon do, but I had bought a large blue Hubbard squash that I was having difficulty cutting up. He grabbed the big cleaver and hacked away at it, yelling and everything, and now there are bits of squash all over the kitchen. Good thing it's his job to sweep the kitchen floor.

School Days

Sep. 1st, 2009 06:02 pm
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School started on Monday, and Son the Younger started kindergarten! It's really great having both kids in the local public school. First, it means no more tuition payments! (At least for another 10 years, anyway...) Secondly, the public school is both closer to home and starts a bit later than StY's preschool. This means I can leave the house an entire half hour later. It doesn't sound like much, but I get up in the morning and it feels like I have all this time to get myself and the kids ready for the day. Some mornings, I can even quickly check my email before I go. It means I get into work a bit later, but it turns out my brain gets in gear a lot quicker when I can take my time getting ready in the morning, so I'm actually being productive at an earlier hour.

I should also mention that StY is loving kindergarten, at least these first two days of it. StE seems to be having a good time in 3rd grade, too, but he's trying to play it cool.
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"Down by the Station" and "Itsy Bitsy Spider" have the same melody. I just figured this out this morning.

I pointed out this profundity to DS1, who simply shrugged and said, "well, you know, the ABC song and Twinkle Twinkle have the same tune, too."

Six and a half, and already jaded.
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The kids are running around the house, yelling "Stay on target! Stay on target"

DH says to me, "There, are you happy now?"


Sep. 16th, 2007 10:38 pm
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  • Saturday morning was the belt ceremony for DS1's tae kwon do school, so he finally got the white belt that he successfully tested for. Now, he just needs to learn to tie the darn thing.

  • I finally got a haircut, since it had been over a year since the last one. I even have the disembodied ponytail to show for it. I should remember to donate it at some point. Anyway, now it's nice and short and out of the way. It's funny, the last time I this much hair cut off, I felt a real sense of loss. This time, I just felt relief.

  • DH has re-organized the big code I've written. Here's where being married to a computer scientist comes in handy! It practically looks like a software package a code developer might have written! Until you look at it closely and realize that no, actually, it's still spaghetti code that a scientist hacked together, just served on a fancy plate with decorative drizzles of sauce and sprinkles of garnishes.

  • DS1 had his first sleepover Saturday night. Two of his best friends (twins) live just down the street, and they had been begging their mother to let him sleep over. Now, I suppose, we should invite them over. Except that those two boys are normal, rambunctious first grade boys, while DS1 is a quiet, well-behaved, bookish boy. So having them over here will be a significant perturbation from the status quo than DS1 going over to their house. I am afraid. For now, I still have the excuse that we don't have a fully working bathroom...
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Today was my last day at my now former institution, so I spent it packing up my belongings, with a break to go out for lunch with co-workers. When most of the books and papers were packed up and I was down to cleaning out pens and paper clips from my desk, I looked up and saw the empty bookshelves, and it finally hit me that I was actually leaving and I nearly cried. I've promised everyone that I will be back, but it's just not going to be the same, you know? I'm excited about the new opportunites I have ahead of me, but goodbyes are always sad.

In other news, DS1 began first grade on Monday. His best friend is now in the same class, so he's all excited about that.

DS2 will go back to preschool on Tuesday, after the holiday. I met his new teacher at the open house today - normally he'd be returning to the same classroom with the same teacher, but his previous teacher's husband got a faculty position in another state, and really, you can't begrudge her leaving for that. And I could now gripe about the world of high-stakes competitive parenting in the DC metro area, but let's not go there. Anyway, she seems very nice. DS2 was excited to see his friends from last year and eager to work on classroom activities.
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Last week, DS1 had a day off from school, and he begged to come in to work with me. Here's the picture he spontaneously drew on my white board:

From Photo Library

(You can click on the link to see more pictures I took of my white board, and to see the "sunny" version of the drawing.)

I ought to also upload the photo of his artwork that got included in the school's art show exhibit that was on display in the local mall last weekend. Only about 12 kindergarten projects were on display, from a school with around 100 kindergarteners.

Yes, I am shamelessly proud of my son.
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We spent our weekend in Boston, running around, showing up in unexpected places, and popping out to say, "Surprise!" Sorry for you Bostonians that we missed seeing - we were only in town for a couple of days and didn't nearly have enough time to see all the people we might have liked.

Last night, over dinner at the airport, DS1 lost his third tooth - his upper right incisor. It's the first tooth he's managed to hang on to after it came out of his mouth. He looks like a proper little gap-toothed schoolkid now.

In other news, my parents are on the verge of buying a parcel of land just a few hours away from us. And my mom emailed me a terrific diet to help lower your cholesterol and triglycerides: oatmeal with seaweed and ground dried anchovies.
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I got into a big argument with DS1 this morning.

DS1 mentioned that tomorrow was the first day of winter, whereupon I said, No, actually it's today. He insisted that no, no, it's tomorrow! And okay, the solstice actually happens at 7:22pm EST tonight, so fine, I'm willing to concede the point. Then he told me that he was excited about snow coming tomorrow! Actually, I told him, it's going to rain tomorrow, not snow. At which point he got completely upset at me. How could it rain tomorrow? It's going to be winter! It snows in winter! You're talking nonsense.

Maybe I should have just kept quiet and let him be disappointed tomorrow? At least then he wouldn't be mad at me on account of the weather forecast.
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DH and I went to our parent-teacher conference with DS1's kindergarten teacher. No surprises here )

(And yes, I am feeling a bit smug.)
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And now, time for another random kid anecdote.

(I think this happened Sunday, as I was talking with DH in DS1's presence about stuff.)

Me (to DH): ... not too bad, all things considered.

DS1: from NPR News!

DS1 then wanders off, repeating "NPR News!" to himself.
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The peril in staying the night with good friends is the temptation to stay up into the wee hours talking.

* * * * * * * * * *

Today's bad mommy anecdote: it's DS1's birthday and I am out of town. I'll have to make it up to him at his party this weekend.


May. 16th, 2006 09:36 pm
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Tonight I told DH, "I like coding." Pause. "It's sick."

I had gotten DS1 a kindergarten level workbook. Lately, he's been wanting to stay up to fill in the pages. I'll tell him, "You can have a bedtime story, or work on two pages." And he'll opt for the workbook.

He's so doomed.
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On the way home today, DS1 decided he'd like to start a diary/journal. I needed to stop by CVS to buy Mother's Day cards anyway, so I bought him a composition notebook with a red (of course) cover. I had made some suggestions to him about what kinds of things one writes about in diaries, such as "Today I had cereal and milk for breakfast." So he took me at my word, and wrote about what he had for dinner tonight. Thus, his first ever diary entry is:

May 9, 2006
Today I ate a peanut butter & corn sandwich.
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Somewhere, DS1 picked up that fact that some islands are made by oceanic volcanos. He told me this fact on the way home from school sometime last week. I told him, yes, that's how Hawai`i formed. So our morning conversation in the car went something like this.

DS1: "There are lots of states. But Hawai`i isn't one."

Astra: "Yes it is! The state of Hawai`i is made up of a bunch of little islands."

"Oh. Do they use bridges to get across?"

"No, they are much too far apart to use bridges. They use airplanes to get from one island to another."

"Why do they use airplanes?"

"Because they are too far apart to use bridges."


DS1: "Why is Hawai`i a lot of little islands?"

Astra: "Because there's magma plume deep in the Earth's mantle, and where it meets the surface it forms a volcano and forms an island. But the crust moves, and as it moves over the plume, a new volcano forms, and you get a chain of islands."

DS1: !!!

And so I found myself trying to explain plate techtonics to my four-year old son while dodging DC rush hour traffic.

Astra: "Do you know the names of the oceans?"

DS1: "No. But I know the continents! They're in the song: (singing) North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia. Don't forget Australia, don't forget Antarctica."

Astra: "Well, there's a big ocean betweeen the Americas and Asia called the Pacific Ocean."

DS1: "Well there's a song about the continents! (singing again) North America..."

I'm impressed that he knows so much about world geography already. And pleased that he's got the curiosity to ask questions about everything. But darn it, can't he ask me when we're at home so I can grab the globe and show him things instead of while I'm trying to drive??


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