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So there we were, all loaded up in the car when I realized I'd locked my keys inside the house. By some conspiracy of fate, all the entries into the house were locked, too. Even the windows were all locked shut.

However, I discovered that Son the Younger can slip his arm through the mailslot and reach around to unlock the door knob. Huzzah! Everyone got to school/work on time.

I firmly told StY to only use his powers for good and not evil.


Nov. 22nd, 2009 06:35 pm
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I've started taking tae kwon do with my kids the last few months. Yesterday was the belt test. They let me skip from no belt past white belt, so I tested for gold belt right along with Son the Younger. Even though testing is about much more than just breaking a board, you can't help but see it as a major milestone. StY is not quite big enough yet to break a board yet, but he gave it a good try. Son the Elder was testing for red belt, at a much more advanced level. It's actually quite impressive what he can do at a mere eight years of age. He wasn't quite able to break the board, but it cracked pretty audibly.

They give the grown-ups wider and thicker boards than the kids, but I still gave a nice strong stepping side kick and broke it on my first try. It was much more satisfying than I expected it to be.

DH isn't doing tae kwon do, but I had bought a large blue Hubbard squash that I was having difficulty cutting up. He grabbed the big cleaver and hacked away at it, yelling and everything, and now there are bits of squash all over the kitchen. Good thing it's his job to sweep the kitchen floor.

School Days

Sep. 1st, 2009 06:02 pm
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School started on Monday, and Son the Younger started kindergarten! It's really great having both kids in the local public school. First, it means no more tuition payments! (At least for another 10 years, anyway...) Secondly, the public school is both closer to home and starts a bit later than StY's preschool. This means I can leave the house an entire half hour later. It doesn't sound like much, but I get up in the morning and it feels like I have all this time to get myself and the kids ready for the day. Some mornings, I can even quickly check my email before I go. It means I get into work a bit later, but it turns out my brain gets in gear a lot quicker when I can take my time getting ready in the morning, so I'm actually being productive at an earlier hour.

I should also mention that StY is loving kindergarten, at least these first two days of it. StE seems to be having a good time in 3rd grade, too, but he's trying to play it cool.
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The son who is supposedly sick is playing downstairs by himself. He's saying,

"Don't forget, my website is double-yoo double-you double-you SLASH [something] dot org."
(emphasis his)

We might have to give him a talking to about the proper syntax for urls.

to France

May. 22nd, 2009 02:02 pm
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I'm off to France for a week! I've never been to France before, unless you count the couple of hours I spent there on a jaunt from a summer school in Geneva as a teenager. I may have once changed flights in Orly, but I'm not quite sure.

I'm spending a very jetlagged Sunday and part of Monday in Paris itself.

For the rest of the week, I'm going to be at a scientific meeting en provence.

I would be practicing my French, except I've been told that I will merely be mocked for my bad French, and should just stick with being a gauche américaine. (Or is that américaine gauche?)

Son the Younger wants me to bring along one of the Madeline books, which are set in Paris, of course. I'm tempted to visit all the monuments depicted in the books and take pictures for the kids. And of course, the internets have already thought of this for me.

Anyway, back to working on my talk.
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Cut for mild gore )

I set him up to watch a movie after that, for once feeling completely justified in having him do something completely passive.
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DS2 dragged me out of bed to make him breakfast this morning. Yeah, I know I'm a bad mom for wanting to stay in bed rather than spring out of bed to wait on my son hand and foot. Tsk tsk.

He desperately wanted apples and honey. You see, he LOVES honey. Clearly he's been overly influenced by A.A. Milne. I just opened a new honey jar yesterday, so he was all excited about trying the new jar. Apples were a convenient vector for the honey.

What does he think this is, Rosh Hashanah?

I guess it is New Year's.

Mind you, my idea of a good New Year's breakfast is 떡국.
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My conversation with DS1 this morning:

Astra: [DS2] might not be able to make it to your drama camp performance this afternoon. He was sick last night.

DS1: Oh.

Astra: He threw up.

DS1: Really? When?

Astra: 11, 11:30, 1am, and 1:30.


The upshot is that DS2 is staying home from camp today, though he slept peacefully after the 1:30 episode, so hopefully he's on the mend. I'm a bit mystified, though, since he wasn't feverish at all and none of the rest of us is sick.
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The kids are running around the house, yelling "Stay on target! Stay on target"

DH says to me, "There, are you happy now?"
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Today was my last day at my now former institution, so I spent it packing up my belongings, with a break to go out for lunch with co-workers. When most of the books and papers were packed up and I was down to cleaning out pens and paper clips from my desk, I looked up and saw the empty bookshelves, and it finally hit me that I was actually leaving and I nearly cried. I've promised everyone that I will be back, but it's just not going to be the same, you know? I'm excited about the new opportunites I have ahead of me, but goodbyes are always sad.

In other news, DS1 began first grade on Monday. His best friend is now in the same class, so he's all excited about that.

DS2 will go back to preschool on Tuesday, after the holiday. I met his new teacher at the open house today - normally he'd be returning to the same classroom with the same teacher, but his previous teacher's husband got a faculty position in another state, and really, you can't begrudge her leaving for that. And I could now gripe about the world of high-stakes competitive parenting in the DC metro area, but let's not go there. Anyway, she seems very nice. DS2 was excited to see his friends from last year and eager to work on classroom activities.
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Yesterday morning, DH and I took DS2 to his prosepctive preschool for his interview. Yes, they interview 2.5-year old kids befre accepting them into the school.

The head of school (HoS) dumped a big pile of toys in front of DS2 to distract him while she talked with us about DS2 background, asking questions ranging from, 'what are his biggest strengths?' to 'do you eat dinner together as a family?' Then she did a few activities with DS2.

For those who are curious about assessment tests for preschoolers )

In summary, he's ready for preschool, which I had thought for a while now. DH is still dubious, since he's not good about sharing, especially when DS1 is involved. Me, I think that interacting with other children his age will be good for him, and he'll learn how to share just by being in school.

Afterward the interview, while we were gathering paperwork, he started acting out of bit, climbing on and hitting DH and me, and trying to bite my hand. Apparently, he used up all his patience and focus for the interview and had had enough.
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I sent DS2 to daycare in underwear for the first time today. He didn't have any accidents! ...until this evening. Still, progress!

I got my bike back from the shop this weekend, and finally had a chance to take it out for a test spin this evening, mostly to teach myself how to stop and start with the toe clips. I didn't fall, and I'm starting to get the trick of slipping my feet in and out. I'm not sure I'm getting much power out of the up-stroke, but there's a noticeable improvement in efficiency because I'm spending less energy keeping my feet on the pedals and putting it into actual work. I also got a new pump since our old one kept popping off before it got to 40 psi, and my tires are rated at 40-60 psi. So between the toe-clips, higher tire pressure, and a good tune-up, my bike is riding a lot more smoothly!

Food Art

Apr. 5th, 2006 09:33 am
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DS2 is definitely feeling better.

Last night, he asked for some lunchmeat ("lunshee") to munch on. A little while later, he ran over to me and was eagerly trying to get my attention by pulling vigorously on my elbow. So I got up to follow him, and he proudly showed me his creation: a half-eaten slice of lunchmeat stuck to the fridge door amid the alphabet magnets.

It was really hard to stifle my laughter so I could chastise him. Because although it was really funny, I don't really want to encourage food art in my house.


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