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I just ran in a 2-mile Fun Run at work today. How I did )

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I'm thinking of trying to up my current running routine. I'm wondering if 2.5 miles 3x a week, plus a weekend run of 4 miles is reasonable. Anybody have any good resources for this sort of thing? I'm not looking to train for anything in particular, just wanting to stay in shape.
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This week, I started running again after my knee injury a few weeks back. My knee never did turn spectacular colors. In fact, other than some mild swelling and a small scratch, it didn't look like I hurt it very much at all. Still, it had me limping up and down stairs for a good couple of weeks. The lack of scratching I attribute to the pants I was wearing that day. The lack of bruising, I have no idea. Still, it was good to be out running again. Yay, movement.

Saturday was a day of kids sports. Someone foolishly signed both my kids up for both soccer and baseball this spring, and has them in karate, too. (Yes, would be me.) Anyway, the soccer and baseball seasons overlapped one week, even though they assured us they wouldn't, and so we spent the day running from one game to the next. At least they were all on one of two fields within walking distance of each other. I got a little sunburnt.

I tested for my purple-belt-with-green-stripe on Sunday. Which I'm sure means nothing to any of you. It might mean more to say that I tested for 7th gup in tae kwon do, where 10th gup is the lowest rank and 1st gup is just below black belt. Somewhere in there, becoming a black belt has stopped seeming like an Enormous Huge Achievement to something that I ought to be able to accomplish in a few years. Odd, that. The most nerve-wracking part of it was being one of only three in my testing group, the other two being kids, and in front of not only my instructor and his instructors, but also grandmaster Jhoon Rhee, to boot. I only messed up a little.
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So, I started the couch-to-5k program last week, after having been inspired by several of my LJ friends who have taken it up.

Week 1 went quite well.

This morning, I embarked on week 2 and promptly tripped on a the raggedy edge of a freshly redone bit of sidewalk, chewing up my palms and landing hard on my knee.

The bruise is exactly on top of the scar from a similar running injury from a few years ago. It hurts to walk. I doubt I'll be running the rest of this week. I feel so thwarted.
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I keep staggering into work the day after karate class with sore muscles all over.

This is a good thing, right?

*achoo* ow!

Aug. 3rd, 2009 01:16 pm
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I decided to start doing karate along with my kids. I figure I gotta take them there anyway, and they've started a family class so we can all train together. Anyway, my first day was Saturday, and I kicked some serious... er, pads. I seem to have also given my abs a workout along with the rest of my body. It hurts to sneeze. My officemate is looking at me funny.

Anyway, I ought to be able to test for my white belt right along with Son the Younger. woohoo!
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So, I did complete my three-day triathlon. It was just too amusing an idea to pass up.

I biked about 10 miles, with a stop in there for tangy yogurt with toppings, the kind that has become really popular in California. And now my butt is sore.
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DS1 has soccer practices next to a field where there are often real games going on, usually a high school girls' game. One day, I watched a girl go down, crying out "Charley Horse! Charley Horse!!" And two other girls ran up to her, and pushed against her feet while she lay on her back, and soon enough she was fine and ready to go.

Interestingly, I found myself in the exact same position yesterday.

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Aug. 10th, 2006 09:24 am
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I went to the pool last night to get some laps in and was told that the health inspector had come by and broken their pump but they should be opening again in a few minutes. So I hung around for a while, feeding the mosquitos, but half an hour before closing there was still no sign that they'd be opening again, so I went back home without the swim.

This morning, I fully intended to bike in to work, but it started drizzling just as I was getting the bike out, and since I drop DS1 off at camp on the way in and didn't want to subject him to the rain, I bailed on the bike ride, too.

This evening's forecast calls for scattered thunderstorms, so I may very well be thwarted at the pool again.


More Bikey

Jul. 13th, 2006 10:28 am
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I'm so glad I have so many friends who have bike clue! Thanks to everyone for your helpful suggestions. Summary )

Today I biked in to work for the first time. It had its ups and downs. )

Now I just need to find the energy to bike back home at the end of the day...
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I began training for my triathlon last week!

training log )

So far, most of the workouts have been manageable. I did them thinking, hey, this whole triathlon might be kind of do-able! And then I did the Sunday swim-run. Maybe it was the morning spent canoing, but that workout totally wiped me out. Guess I really need the training!

Yesterday, my new heart rate monitor arrived. New toy! So now I will have a stopwatch with which to more accurate time my workouts. I tried it out out my morning jog this morning, and I'll run into a bit of a problem.

the numbers )

This week's goals )

Future entries will be on the tri-training filter, let me know if you want to be added.
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I just registered for the IronGirl Triathlon.

Once the panic dissipates, I will gently remind myself that yes, I can do this, I'll need to work hard for it, but I Can Do This.

1K swim: Well, I'm out of practice, but I could do this. When I was swimming 3 times a week.
30K bike: That shouldn't be too bad. That's the kind of outing we might do as a family on the weekend. Over the course of a whole day.
5K run: No problem, I do that for a typical morning workout. Of course, I'd be doing this after a 1K swim and 30K bike ride...

I've been keeping an exercise log, filtered to interested people. I guess now would be a good time to ask if you'd like to be added to the filter.

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Evening jogging does not sit well with me, particularly my stomach. Some combination of running a bit faster than usual (still, 10.5 min/mile isn't all that fast!), exercising on an empty stomach, trying to eat too soon afterward, and not sleeping well for two nights in a row, meant that I couldn't keep down the three bites I did eat and laid me up in bed all evening. Feeling better this morning, but ugh.
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Despite my well-intentioned efforts to start running again, I hadn't actually been able to keep up. But efforts by [ profile] chenoameg and [ profile] remcat have touched off my competetive streak, and besides, I've run out of excuses (illness, travel, conference, daylight savings, rain, sloth...) so DH dutifully woke me bright (well actually, it was still pretty dim out) and early and I got in a run in this morning.

Goals: I have managed to keep off the weight I lost last summer, so that's good. So my goal for this summer is to lose another 10 pounds. Last October, I was doing close to 8 miles a week, at just under 6 miles an hour, so let's see if I can work up to 10 miles a week, and 7 miles an hour by this October.

Thursday 5/4: road route, 1.5 miles, about 18 minutes. Need to find my stopwatch.
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Does anyone else out there also have this problem: possibly TMI ) Really, I don't need any more disincentive to go running at 6am.

ETA: Clearly, I need one of these so I can look like a total freak, instead of just a dork, when I jog.
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5:00am -- DH wakes up, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

6:05am -- "Time to get up, Astra."
Astra: *grumble*
D(ratted)H says something meant to be encouraging.
Astra: go away, it's too #@%&#%* early.
D(*&%$#)H goes into the bathroom, leaving the door open to let the harsh light into the bedroom, and noisily begins his toilette.
Astra: @#$^%*^#@$#%!!

6:18am -- A very grumpy Astra tumbles out of bed and gets dressed to go jogging.

6:30am -- Astra finally gets her sorry ass out the door.
7:00am -- Astra comes back home.

7:01am -- "How was your run?" "Good! I scared a bunch of deer grazing on people's lawns. Now I will have yummy breakfast and a nice cup of coffee!"

7:02am -- DH leaves for work.

7:21am -- The sun rises.
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My muscles are all sore. I don't think it's because of the jogging. I think it's because of the 20-minute walk between work and the Metro stop. That works out to an extra 40 minutes of walking each day for the last three days. And for some reason, walking seems harder on my body than running does. Hrmm.


Jul. 12th, 2005 09:09 am
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I managed to go jogging again this morning.

I'm going to filter future entries in my exercise log, so if you want in on it, comment here.

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