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Feb. 2nd, 2011 07:34 pm
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I have an offer from Wild West University.

Now I actually have to decide!

Snow Day

Jan. 18th, 2011 11:14 am
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Today has been declared a snow day by the county. After chipping 1/4" of ice off my car, I'm glad they decided to do that. The main road are fine, but the neighborhood streets are pretty treacherous.

Dropped the kids off at their schools' day care programs, which thankfully run on snow days. So now I can work from home in peace, in theory.

I suppose now is as good a time as any to post about how the job search is going.

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Between September and December, I will have flown to:


and I will likely fly to Seattle in January, for that matter. Purposes for trips include

job interviews

I'm starting to get awfully tired of planes and airports.


Jul. 8th, 2010 04:24 pm
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I had a job interview today. For a public policy job. I'll tell you more about it after I find out whether or not I got it.
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Gah. Just realized I left a few relevant items off the resume I submitted for a job application today. Well, hopefully the items I did remember to include are sufficiently impressive. The closing deadline was today, so not much I can do about it now...
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Good thing I'm not Julius Caesar, because things are actually starting to look up for me.

I spent last week in Boston and Philadelphia, giving a talk and attending a conference, respectively. They both went well, although I was about ready to weep with homesickness my last night away. I'm glad I punted the idea of spending Friday in Philly and came home instead.

On Saturday, I attended a concert given by my grad school chorus, who were on tour for spring break. They sang quite beautifully, and I felt quite proud and nostalgic that I used to sing with such a marvelous group. I was pregnant with Son the Elder my last year with the group, and I brought him to the concert both because I thought he would enjoy it, and to freak out other alumnae who sang with me at the time.

On the job front, I finally have a bit of good news! Not that I have a real job offer yet, but I found someone with money to support a postdoc for a year in the area. So now I have a backup plan in place. I'm still hoping for a faculty job, but at least I'm not staring unemployment in the face anymore!

That, and spring is in the air! I don't even mind the rain so much because at least it isn't snow!

Upcoming: I'm bringing the family to Boston the week of March 29-April 2. We will likely be staying in the Allston area. I'd like to visit the Museum of Science, the Aquarium, and the Freedom Trail while we're in town. Anybody want to join us and/or like to help me plan my week? ([ profile] astrogeek, maybe we can actually connect this time? And [ profile] chenoameg, we should have a more extended visit!)
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So, I totally did not complete the applications I meant to do. Instead, I spent time going to talks and schmoozing with people. Also, preparing the application for Snooty Tech is turning out to be a bit more difficult than I anticipated.

On the other hand, I think Not-So-Snooty Tech probably won't be interested in my work anyway, so maybe I can write them off altogether.

On the third hand, one of my later job applications has already posted an update on the jobs rumo(u)r mill, so perhaps I should bump that one up in its place.

In place of actually getting anything done, I will re-post the little ditty I made as a comment to the previous post for all to see:

Deck the halls with my CV
falalalala lala la la
Here's my list of referees
falalalala lala la la
and my publications list
falala lalala la la la
last, my research interests
falalalala lala la la
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I had a pile of applications (5) due on Dec 1, so I spent pretty much all day Tuesday furiously writing things up. So furious was I that I accidentally sent in one with the incorrect univerisity's name, and had to send in a new version later. I guess I can count on not getting that job. ([ profile] mathhobbit is probably shaking her first at me now...)

I'd like to get the rest of the applications done in a more reasonable timeframe, so I've decided to do one each day for the month of December. Just like Advent. Except I'm not the one getting a present. Giving myself the weekends off, I should get these done in the next two weeks, so here goes.

This week: Snooty Tech and Not-so-snooty Tech.

[Side note: My family never celebrated Advent, and my church never brought it up, either. Is it just a Catholic/Episcopalian thing?]
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I've reached that point in the job application writing process where I've worked really hard on the first few that are due, and now I have no further desire to work on things, and care so little that I'm willing just to copy and paste the rest of them. Not the right strategy, but it sure is tempting.

Also, I have a stack of these due today. Son the Younger decided to spike a fever last night, just in time.
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Yesterday was the deadline to submit abstracts for January's AAS meeting in Washington, DC. Accordingly, I whipped up my abstract yesterday afternoon and submitted it, noting that the website was behaving awfully sluggishly.

I ought to have procrastinated a little more because a couple of hours later, they extended the deadline until Monday.

It seems that they are expecting record turnout at this meeting, so maybe 4000 people? You might interpret this to mean that with the successful Hubble Servicing Mission and the launches of Herschel and Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter this year, astronomy is really booming and this meeting should be really exciting.

Unless you're a cynic like me.

What's the real reason people flock to the AAS January meeting? Why is it so much bigger than the summer meeting? Because it's the place to go and present when you're on the job market. By the summer meeting, hiring season is over. What with the number of cancelled job searches last year and the paltry number currently being advertised on the AAS Job Register, I have the feeling that this AAS meeting is going to be awash with desperate astronomers like me, all but holding up signs saying, "WILL REDUCE DATA FOR FOOD."
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It's the 1st of the month! Time to check the AAS Job Register for new job ads!

Let's see now, I'm interested in a faculty position, so I'll scroll down there....

uh-oh. Too bad I'm not a cosmologist.

I wonder how DH feels about moving to Germany...
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I'm back from my job interview trip. I thought my talk went over really well. I did my best to impress people both with the quality of my work and the charm of my personality. Perhaps the most useful piece of advice I got going into this interview was to just be friendly. People in the department are looking for someone they can envision getting along with for the next 20+ years, so being able to get along with a potential colleague is important. Making a short list means that they are already impressed with my work, so the rest is about finer details.

Still need to decide if I'd like the idea of living in NYC or its environs. But, I'm going to put off thinking about that until an offer actually comes through. Anyway, I did my best, and now the ball is in their court.

In other news, there is a special election for county council rep for my district, and the primary was held Tuesday. I left early Wednesday morning, and came back late last night, so I hadn't heard anything about the results. Last night, I dreamt I was talking with one of the candidates, and admitted to her that I didn't know who had actually won yet. She got all angry at me, as if she were appalled that I didn't already know the answer, and she stopped speaking to me. I told this dream to my husband this morning, and it turns out that that I'm psychic: the election is so close that they haven't officially declared a winner yet.

Wish I could be this psychic about my own future, instead of local politics.
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I'm heading up to NYC tomorrow morning for 2 days to interview for a job there. It's the sort of thing where if I were just giving a colloquium I would be a lot less nervous about it, and yet being less nervous would probably serve me better.

I also have to wonder if I really want my kids to grow up to be New Yorkers.

Anyway, please wish me luck.
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It's job application season, so here I am dusting off my application materials from previous years.

I read through my statement of research interests and realized that I need to completely re-write it from scratch. Aside from the fact that it physically pains me to read it, it's completely out of date. But then, perhaps the former is related to the latter.

So the good news is, I've made progress in the last two years!

The bad news is, I have a lot of writing to do ASAP.
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Being in the first year of my fellowship, I can afford to be picky about job opportunities at the moment, and only apply to especially appealing positions or those I'm asked to apply for.

So does it count as being asked to apply if

  • I'm asked via email,
  • it's bcc'ed to me,
  • it's addressed to "Dear Colleague"
  • they sound pretty desperate?

I'm not sure that this is would necessarily be a good fit, in any case. I'm just wondering if I should treat it as flattery or spam.
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I applied for an awful lot of faculty positions last year. So it's perhaps not too surprising that I often find myself introducing myself to someone at a conference who happens to have been on a search committee, and he/she says something along the lines of, "oh yes, I remember your application from last year."

Is that a good sign? A bad sign? I always find myself at a loss for words, because I really want to say, "so, why didn't I make your short list?" but that seems like bad form.

I suppose I should look at these things in a positive light, and see it as achieving some amount of name recognition. But I just can't help being cynical.
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I'm giving a talk Monday. I should start working on it.

I promised myself I would take a break from applying for jobs this fall, since I am safely employed for the next few years.

However, I have just spent the last hour perusing the AAS Job Register and bookmarking several ads.

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Updated statistics:

Total job applications: 40 (Faculty:Postdoc -- 23:17)

Number due in January left to do: 4 (2:2)

Number of rejection letters: 2 (0:2)

Number of expected rejections based on rumor: 9 (7:2)

I wonder if it's even worth submitting those last 4 applications. Especially since one of them is for a faculty position at a place where they've already rejected me as a postdoc.

I've been feeling pretty down lately. I've been wondering if it's worth staying in the game, considering the amount of misery the job hunting process has been giving me. And just think, I will likely have to go through this all over again in a few years. I'm running out of energy and enthusiasm.
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I had a lovely dream last night. I'd gotten a job offer from the Institute for Advanced Studies. They hadn't decided if they were going to offer me a 3-year or 5-year position, but I was really happy anyway, because I had a job and it mattered a whole lot less what happened with those other applications.

And then I woke up, and I was really sad.

But I guess some part of me still has hope...


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