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So, I went and interviewed at Nearby University today. Talked with a bunch of people, got good vibes. At the end, I basically asked, point-blank, "so, do I have an offer?"

Well, they needed to confer and would get back to me real soon, hopefully tomorrow providing that the inch of snow we are predicted to get doesn't shut down the school. Yeah, it happens.

Then I come home, have dinner, and check my email.

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DH says that I need to post about promising leads in my job search, now that I had a rejection letter rescinded today. Well, half-rescinded anyway.

1) Half-rescinded rejection for Prestigious Named Postdoc Fellowship - I got a rejection letter earlier this week, but I am now on the waitlist.

2) Euphemistic University, faculty position - reference letters requested, but no short list yet.

3) Postdoc at Nearby University - interview Monday.

4) Postdoc at Big Government Lab - submitted application, review won't be done for a few months.

5) Postdoc at Another Government Agency - initial application rejected (but just barely), will be re-reviewed in a few months.

6) West Coast State University, faculty position - rumors from actual people that I was high on their list, but the Rumor Mill says they've already made their short list and I'm not on it.

Actual offers: 0.
Here's hoping that actually admitting to having a chance won't mean that everyone now turns me down.
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So, since I wrote that depressing post yesterday, it meant that today I got an email from a Nearby University to interview for a postdoc position there.

Meanwhile, LoserMan is chewing out my friend for not accepting a faculty position in Chile (10 nights of telescope time a year!) and opting for a Prestigious Named Postdoc Fellowship instead.

But hey, maybe there's hope for me after all.
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I haven't posted much lately, mostly because my job search is still going very poorly. I have gotten some interesting rejection letters, though.

1) University of Mountainous State: a handwritten sticky note attached to the letter saying that with some more postdoc experience, I'd be a top notch faculty candidate.

2) Some Fellowship Committee: actual feedback on my proposal!

3) University of City in Mountainous State:
"Because of the large volume of highly qualified applicants, the initial review process took longer than anticipated. At this time, we are conducting on-campus interviews with several candidates whose qualifications most closely match our needs.

We shall keep you updated on the status of our search."
They seem to have forgotten the line saying that I was no longer under consideration, how careless of them.

I also had my reference letters requested by Euphemistic University.

However, I still have no actual offers, so I'm looking at the distinct possibility that I will not be employed next year. I figure we'll can save some money on childcare and commuting costs, so financially we'll be okay. I can work on finishing up papers while the kids are at school, and hopefully get a boost that way. In the meantime, I'm practicing not crying while talking about how badly things are going. It's hard.
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Perusing the astrophysics jobs rumor mill makes me depressed because it tells me which jobs I am unlikely to get. Here's a quick summary of where things stand:

applications sent 2216
rejections received 1 4
rumored rejections12 6
no word yet 9 6
more applications to do3 1

Plus, a referee report came back on one of my papers. The referee still hates it.

Perhaps I should start looking into alternative career paths. Suggestions?
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Fellow postdoc FC and I got rejection letters from Hoity-Toity Left Coast University today. Convened in PB's office for coffee plus additives. PB told us it took him seven years before he landed a Real Job. Mind you, PB is a prominent astronomer well renowned for his research even outside the astronomical community. And he goes around calling himself Loser Man just to piss me off. But if it took even him seven years to land a permanent position, maybe I have some hope after all. I can always aim to beat out Loser Man.
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So, remember that application I ended up submitting three times over? Well, I got an email from them first thing this morning, the entire text of which was: "Please see your file - it is a mess. Please resend ASAP."

So I checked the file. I'm using a Mac, and I bring up Preview, and it looks just fine. Then I try Acrobat. And what do you know, it's page after page of randomly placed characters. Gah!!!

The thing is, I had basically taken a bunch of pdf files and combined them into one. And I'm pretty damn sure I used Acrobat to do it.

Anyway, I redid the thing differently, checked it using both programs, and sent it back off. But now I'm really REALLY not getting this damn fellowship now.
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One of the faculty jobs I applied for asked only for contact information for references rather than sending in letters. Well, they've just asked my references to send in the letters. Which says to me that I've made some cut there.

Mustn't get too excited now, don't want to set myself up for disappointment...
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Got my first rejection letter today. MIT has no interest in making me a Pappalardo Fellow, apparently.

But the fellowship committee had only h@rd k0re physicists on it, no astronomers or astrophysicists, so my chances were pretty slim to begin with. And they only select 3 fellows a year, across all branches of physics. And Boston weather sucks anyway. Nyah.

My only consolation is that the other postdoc here who applied for it also got turned down. That and the bottle of Absolut Vanilla next door. (Don't worry, I only had about half a shot.)
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No word yea or nay on anything yet. In another month or so, I expect wavefunctions to begin to collapse and my Schrodinger applications will become officially either alive or dead.

But, in the mean time, I thought I'd post some statistics:

Number applications submitted so far - 25

Number left (Dec deadlines) - 8

Number of tenure track/permanent jobs:postdocs applying for - 18:15

And I'd post today's level of doom, but that varies on a much shorter timescale than days (more like minutes) so I won't bother.


Nov. 16th, 2006 11:52 am
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I submitted a fellowship application last night, then realized that I'd forgotten to designate my two alternate host institutions on it.

So, this morning, I updated and resubmitted it, explaining the error in my email, and attaching the new file to it.

Or so I thought. Turns out it was actually the same old file. So I submitted it for a third time, with the actual corrected file.

I'm such a screw up. Guess I'm not winning that fellowship.

In other news, on 11/3, I sent out a couple of applications by Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation. Despite tracking them via the website and asking for email updates and not getting any information about them, at least one institution got my application and acknowledged it. Finally, today I get email saying that they've been delivered. On 11/7. Maybe I should just stick with FedEx.
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