astra_nomer: (AB Aurigae)
astra_nomer ([personal profile] astra_nomer) wrote2013-06-24 11:59 pm

See all the people!

So, I'm going to be in Boston this coming weekend, arriving sometime before noon on Friday, and leaving early Sunday.

Therefore, I propose a dinner mob!
Let's say, Friday 6pm, the Bertucci's at Alewife. Unless someone has a better suggestion.

Also, I propose a dim sum mob!
Let's say, Saturday morning at 10am, New China Pearl in Woburn.

Please comment below if you'd like to come.

Also if you can't come to either of these, let me know, since my schedule is pretty flexible right now. I might also propose a Saturday night dinner mob, if I can think of a good place to go to. Maybe Redbones?

And if you're in Italy, phooey on you! I mean, maybe I'll catch you next time I'm in town.

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