Feb. 27th, 2010 03:53 pm
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When I go long periods of time without posting, it either means I'm too depressed to, or too busy to do so. Unfortunately, it's impossible for any readers to know the difference.

I've been hella busy of late. In the last 24 hours, I finished a grant proposal, performed in a play, and threw a birthday party for Son the Younger. I have a job application due Monday, my mom is staying with us for the weekend, and I have two more performances before the weekend is over.

Also, I need to prepare the talk I'll be giving in Boston on March 8.

Oh by the way, Boston folks, I'm coming to Boston in March. I'll be there March 8-9, and again March 27-April 3. The first visit will be just me. The second visit, the whole family is coming up to renovate my brother's bathroom. But, I'm sure we'll have plenty of time to visit with people, especially those with new babies.

Also, I'm going to Philadelphia on March 10-12, with a Friday all to myself. Any recommendations on what to do with myself? I'm leaning toward finding a nice spa and checking in for the day.

Sometime in April, maybe I'll have time to see my family again.
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We went apple-picking yesterday, along with the intrepid [livejournal.com profile] marcusmarcusrc. It was a mixed success, because DS1 got upset early on over not getting to pick out the wheelbarrow he wanted, so he spend the rest of the time moping in the car with DH. DS2, on the other hand, had a blast: apples are just about his favorite fruit.

In the afternoon, DH peeled and cored enough apples to fill my biggest mixing bowl, and I cooked them all down into applesauce. Method ) Now, I'm not a huge fan of applesauce: I mean, if it's there I'll eat it, but there are lots yummier things I'd rather eat. But this stuff tasted just like fresh apples, not that watery gruel-like substance you buy in the store. Yum! Anyway, I canned about 5 pint jars, and put the last little bits in containers for DS2's lunches.

Now I am eyeing food grinder attachments for my KitchenAid mixer, on the theory that it will cut on the peeling and coring step. Then again, if DH will do the peeling and coring for me, maybe I don't need it! Home-cooked food tastes so wonderful: if only it didn't take so much time and energy.

That got us through maybe half of one of the three half-bushel boxes we picked. Maybe pies next?
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Gah, how did it become the end of March already?!?

The daffodils and cherry trees are in full bloom right now, which means it's time for...

Travel Season!

My parents will be visiting for a week in April. Well, they at least plan to fly in and see us before they drive off to visit the nearest 5 states.

DH's parents will be visiting for a week almost immediately after my parents leave. They'll arrive "early in the week" and leave "some time the next week." It's gotten to the point where I avoid asking them how long they plan to stay, because they always laugh and say, "haha, can't wait to get rid of us, right?" even though the joke has gotten so stale you could break your teeth with it.

In the middle of all that is the NASA ROSES deadline. Help me out here:
Moses proposes to ROSES for toeses? schmoeses?

At the end of May, I'm going to a conference in Pasadena. I've managed to finagle a talk at JPL while I'm out there. The weekend after that, it's likely that we'll visit Boston for a few days.

I supposes it's a good thing these last couple of weeks have been pretty low-key, because it's going to be anything but that for a while.
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We spent our weekend in Boston, running around, showing up in unexpected places, and popping out to say, "Surprise!" Sorry for you Bostonians that we missed seeing - we were only in town for a couple of days and didn't nearly have enough time to see all the people we might have liked.

Last night, over dinner at the airport, DS1 lost his third tooth - his upper right incisor. It's the first tooth he's managed to hang on to after it came out of his mouth. He looks like a proper little gap-toothed schoolkid now.

In other news, my parents are on the verge of buying a parcel of land just a few hours away from us. And my mom emailed me a terrific diet to help lower your cholesterol and triglycerides: oatmeal with seaweed and ground dried anchovies.
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Thursday evening, DH's parents arrived for a week-long visit at the Nomer household. Later that evening, [livejournal.com profile] shumashi arrived, ostensibly to go to a wedding, but I like to think that she came mainly to visit with us and play with the kids. So, the house was a bit full over the weekend.

Friday was easy enough, since we sent all the houseguests into the city to go sightseeing while the rest of us went to work, daycare, or preschool, depending.

Saturday, [livejournal.com profile] shumashi went off to her wedding while the rest of us went to visit still more relatives.

Sunday morning, we went out for dim sum at a restaurant that I had been to before for dinner, and the verdict is that their dim sum is, in fact, quite tasty.

The rest of Sunday, I entertained my houseful of guests by cleaning out the fridge, which DH had conveniently (not!) moved into the living room. He also disconnected the stove and put that in the living room, too. So we'll be eating takeout and/or leftovers for the next few days.

My in-laws have absconded with DS2 across state lines today. [livejournal.com profile] shumashi is headed back West. And, it's DS2's birthday.

Tomorrow, the kitchen floor is due to be installed. If all goes well, I can have my kitchen back tomorrow evening, or Wednesday at the latest.

w00t, or something.


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